Sep. 12-17 2020

Come on! Join the Great Royal Tim as he travels through 2020, gives you a friendly hug on a crowded Northeastern beach, and shares a smile!

And our very first photo has a Sesame Street reference! Imagine that! Off US 50/OH 32 near Athens, Ohio, we see Hooper Road - like Mr. Hooper of Sesame Street. This is also near where we had a picnic at a rest area where a man farted loudly.

This mileage sign on US 50 included Coolville, which must be where all the cool people go.

US 50 evolves into a rather elaborate set of ramps near Belpre, Ohio.

US 50 forms a freeway and uses the Blennerhassett Island Bridge, a 2008 span that crosses the Ohio River to Blennerhassett, W.Va.

US 50 continues as a freeway near Parkersburg.

As we continue on US 50 in Parkersburg, we see the amazing Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge, a 1980 bridge that carries WV 618 and OH 32. The span replaced a 1916 suspension bridge and had US 50 until the Blennerhassett Island Bridge opened.

US 50 becomes less of a freeway and more of a cool people road as it approaches I-77.

US 50 forms a freeway through Clarksburg and runs famously close to town. Google Maps reveals that US 50 is known as Northwest Turnpike through much of West Virginia. Up ahead, the road goes under a rail bridge.

US 50 in Clarksburg.

US 50 approaches I-79.

"Get a little closer..." Remember that commersh? Come on! Get a little closer! This is as we get closer to I-79.

US 50 whisks us out of Clarksburg.

We backtrack a little and get on this ramp to I-79 north.

I-79 near Fairmont. The bridge with the fancy arch is for WV 273.

Another smash hit from the "keek! ruin!" school of BGS's.

From I-68, this is looking out over the Cheat River. The bridge is for Cheat Road. "You cheated, you cheater! Now I'm gonna pound on the Easy Money board so all my houses become mortgaged!"

I-68 enters Maryland! It appears as if they added a "WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS" label to the sign, because it was so rare that any state had most businesses open.

A fancy welcome sign for Garrett County.

The bridge is for Blooming Rose Road.

Today's big foe? Fog!

I-68 also has US 40/219 here.

I-68 continues through the fog so thick you could cut it with a booger scraper.

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