Sep. 12-17 2020

This is probably on I-97 south of Baltimore. The signage refers to Richmond, Va.

I'm guessing this is near the end of I-97, but it was a sunny day, sweepin' the clouds away, so the signs were hard to read. Notice the elevated roadway.

There's a town in Maryland called Parole! US 50/301 here is actually the unsigned I-595. It was once slated to become I-68.

MD 450 in Parole. This was once US 50.

Looking down the Severn River from US 50, we see the MD 450 bridge.

We're getting close to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! We crossed the span going the other way during my 2010 trip to the Delmarva Peninsula, but the new photos are all we have until I have time to repost the old pictures after TinyPic went down (which is better than when they removed individual photos for no apparent reason and recycled the link for something offensive).

Notice how it's not "avoid a fine", it's "avoid the fine", as if there's no fines for anything else anywhere in the world.

Now we're on the beautiful Bay Bridge!

It looks like both sides of the bridge just fall off into oblivion.

But it doesn't fall off into oblivion! It only gets cooler!

Continuing on the bridge.

That sunny day that swept the clouds away is looking more ominous as we descend the bridge onto the peninsula. But don't worry, the beach was bright and cheery!

I'm pretty sure this is US 50 at Wye Mills. This was just before we lunched in Easton, where a man darted across the restaurant chewin' bubble gum. He didn't bubble. But he was chewin' bubble gum!

On US 50 near Trappe, we see this "speed awareness zone." We're very aware.

US 50 uses the Frederick C. Malkus Bridge over the Choptank River. The bridge opened in 1987, replacing the old Emerson C. Harrington Bridge.

The bridge ends in Cambridge.

US 50 continues in Cambridge.

As US 50 approaches Salisbury, we see that business U.S. routes in Maryland use a green shield - at least on BGS's.

US 50 forms a freeway bypass around Salisbury.

The freeway picks up US 13, but US 50 is about to leave the freeway. US 13 goes on to Norfolk, Va.

US 50 "safety", as if they were going to advertise US 50 "danger."

This sign on US 50 said face coverings were mandatory on the Ocean City boardwalk. Needless to say, that wasn't enforced, as far as I know. At least two-thirds of visitors there were maskless. This mayoral proclamation went on to be lifted on September 30, 2020, but not before this sign featured this message miles away from the boardwalk. Instead of #WearAMask, maybe it should have been #WearAMaskButOnlyIfPoo.

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