Sep. 12-17 2020

US 50 approaches Ocean City and graces us with yet another attribute of the greatest roadtrip ever to take place.

US 50 nears the Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge, which takes us right into Ocean City!

The Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge is a drawbridge crossing Sinepuxent Bay that opened in 1942. It was US 213 unti 1948. Although Maryland officials decided in 2010 to build a replacement bridge, it is not expected to be built until 2035 or later.

The bridge ends in Ocean City.

The roadway splits just before Philadelphia Avenue (MD 528), marking the beginning of US 50 west.

US 50 east uses Division Street and ends at Baltimore Avenue (MD 378). This marks the end of a highway that runs over 3,000 miles from Sacramento, Calif.

North on Baltimore at 1st.

Baltimore at 7th.

Baltimore nears 15th.

North on Coastal Highway (MD 528) at 46th.

Coastal Highway at 70th. Ocean City has gone on for 70 blocks and it looks like there's still more tall buildings ahead!

Coastal Highway at 92nd.

Coastal Highway becomes DE 1 as we enter Delaware just before the town of Fenwick Island. In fact, the island that contains Ocean City is called Fenwick Island. Wikipedia called the island a "barrier spit." (When we learned what a spit is in 8th grade science class, the inevitable sound effect was twice heard, and the teacher yelled, "We got the grossness in it the first time!") Street numbers in Ocean City went all the way to 146th. National COVID-19 response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx traveled to one of her many vacation homes in Fenwick Island, Del., for a big family gathering, after urging the public not to travel or see family at all. While she was on this trip, she gave a Face The Nation interview in which she complained about people traveling "even into the next state", even as she did so herself.

DE 1 continues.

Up ahead, DE 1 uses the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

The Indian River Inlet Bridge - officially the Charles W. Cullen Bridge - opened in 2012 and is a half-mile long. It replaced a 1965 span, which followed earlier bridges, including one that tragically collapsed.

As we glide back down the bridge, we see what Google Maps labels as Coin Beach, a marvelous stretch of Atlantic seashore! You can see visitors' cars on the beach as folks waded in the cool waters!

DE 1A near Dewey Beach.

DE 1A enters Rehoboth Beach and uses Bayard Avenue. The town is a popular vacation spot for members of Congress. Even the Bidens had a beach house just outside town. Like Coin Beach, families were congregating, laughing, and having a fine time!

DE 1A picks up Rehoboth Avenue and crosses this drawbridge over the Rehoboth Canal.

I thought that was Arnold Schwarzenegger on that billboard! This is going back the other way on DE 1.

South on the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

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