Sep. 12-17 2020

South on DE 1 descending the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

DE 1 becomes MD 528 as we return to Maryland at Ocean City.

MD 528 near 56th.

Looking out over Homer Simpson's "land the law forgot"! This stunning Ocean City beach was doing good business for September, as you see at least one person and a beach chair. This is when I angrily stomped down to the beach instead of waiting for the motel to fix the broken door to our room. I visited Ocean City for the beach, and I wasn't going to be holed up in a hotel room all day. Why? Because it's ridiculous, that's why. That was also when someone broke into the room and dumped out one of my medications. On a more positive note, this beach is where a couple had beer - thus violating an Allowed Cloud at this "family" beach - and where a woman walked along the shore openly carrying a big baggie of marijuana.

Beaches are a bit like a people's road - like an alley or a walking trail.

It's...Ocean City! This resort town of 7,000 saw a series of beach replenishment projects to revive its once-shrinking beach.

This is on the Ocean City boardwalk. A boardwalk is also a people's road. This boardwalk is 2.25 miles long, and half of it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. As I was sitting on a bench on the boardwalk, a woman glanced back at me and smiled as she emerged from a shop!

Continuing on the boardwalk. You know there had to have been some hilarious incident to prompt that sign.

This appears to be a religious sand castle next to the boardwalk.

This historical marker graced the boardwalk.

"Do it again, do it again!" Didn't WCLU play that? Also, remember when the Poo Kroo thought a Green Day song was the Kinks?

We now return you to roads, already in progress. The Assawoman Bay Bridge guides us out of Ocean City on MD 90. MD 90 is the Ocean City Expressway, a 2-lane freeway built in the 1970s. Wikipedia reports that - oddly enough - headlights are Required At All Times.

MD 90 crosses the St. Martin River.

US 113 crosses into Delaware at Selbyville.

Continuing on US 113 in Selbyville, the sign is for Gumboro - like gum, that stuff people bubble with.

US 113 at Gumboro Road - like gum, that stuff people bubble with.

Why was the Trump campaign buying billboards in Delaware, of all places? He wasn't gonna win Delaware, even if a Delaware-shaped piece of felt from a cassette deck came to life and kept pulling the lever on all the voting machines. This is US 113 near Dagsboro. Somewhere near here, a road runs west to Laurel, the hometown of longtime Cincinnati news anchor Carol Williams.

DE 404 becomes MD 404 as it enters Maryland.

US 50 in Bowie, Md. - like David Bowie.

US 50 approaches the loop around Washington, D.C.

We used the north loop of I-495 as I fondly recalled the previous days' Ocean City joys.

The beltway loses I-95.

Up ahead we see the Washington D.C. Temple, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Kensington, Md.

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