Sep. 12-17 2020

I-66 splutters to its end in northern Virginia.

Southwest on I-81.

US 48/VA 55 near Strasburg. US 48 is one of the newest U.S. routes, having been established in 2002. There was an earlier but unrelated US 48 that became I-68, and a much earlier US 48 in California that became part of US 50. The later US 48 project led to lawsuits by environmentalists.

US 48 enters West Virginia. It's also WV 55 here.

I'm not sure here, but this could be a bridge over Waites Run near Wardensville.

US 48 approaches Moorefield.

US 48 trudges along!

A beautiful US 48 view!

The Charles Eugene Kessel Memorial Bridge was also visible in the previous photo.

Romney! Like Mitt Romney! This is on WV 42 at US 50 in Mount Storm.

West on US 50, which crosses the Stony River up ahead.

US 50 briefly returns to Maryland as it crosses the Potomac River. US 50 runs through West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia between its Maryland stretches.

US 50 returns to West Virginia.

The 1936 Texaco logo lives. More accurately, it's undead, as a 2008 Google Street View photo showed something else on this sign. This is US 50 in Aurora.

The foretells the big curves and descent down to the Cheat River on US 50.

US 50 along the Cheat River.

US 50 crosses the Cheat River. Insert mandatory comment about people cheating at board games or elections.

A deer looms along the road.

US 50 in Grafton.

US 50 at US 119 in Grafton. When we went through Grafton during my 1986 trip to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., I noticed that someone put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

US 50 in Bridgeport.

Busted! Na na na na na na na na na na! This is on US 50 east of Athens, Ohio.

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