Sep. 19 Oct. 8 2010

This photo set kicks off with a nighttime video leaving Cincinnati's Oktoberfest. During this year's festival, people put a phone book and a Geico gecko fan in the toilet bowls. Folks also kept stealing the life-sized cardboard statues of the Samuel Adams beer man. This video is followed by 8 stills from an unrelated inspect-a-thon of the construction on Covington's 12th Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

9/19 - The video starts out going east on 5th from Broadway in Cincinnati. (Why does the BGS label both US 50 and 52 as Columbia Parkway?) Later, we go down the part of 3rd Street that runs under the Columbia Parkway approach viaduct.

10/8 - On 12th Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Covington, we're going west between Scott and Madison. The crews seem to be making this into a divided highway. This is part of KY 1120.

Continuing west on the bridge over the rail line. This was being converted into a dual span.

Looking back east at the bridge.

Another view looking east (though it's blocked by a semi). And there's a new KY 1120 marker that actually uses a circular (not oval) shield, long live it! Of course, I'm still partial to the old (probably 1960s) circular KY 1120 shields that used the tall, skinny numerals. (I think the last of those disappeared around 2000.)

This is James Simpson Jr. Way, a new street that forms from Main and services the new St. Elizabeth Hospital location. The former path of 13th comes in from the left.

A view of I-75 from James Simpson Jr. Way.

"LEAVE MORE SPACE." It's a shame people need to be told this, but America ain't exactly known for its education system these days.

It's new! It's blue! It's a state-name Interstate shield! This is north on James Simpson Jr. Way at Prague Street. The tower on the left is for what was then WCVX-AM, which you've never heard of. (You mean radio is still around?)

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