Apr. 5 2010

"It's the Cincinnati Reds playin' something vaguely resembling baseball again..." Now I present one of very few sets of road photos that includes hardly any roads. I went downtown to see the parade for baseball's Opening Day, and once again, I tried fashioning some usable Roads Scholaring pictures from that. I skipped the festivities in 2009, because it rained all day, but I roared back with a vengeance in '10!

Looking south from 5th & Sycamore towards what was slated to be Cincinnati's tallest building - still under construction in this photo. Notice that 5th is marked as going to US 50 east. How many people at this intersection would even be looking for US 50 east?

What's funnier than a celebrity look-alike? An actual celebrity! And what's funnier than a celebrity? A celebrity who made a Bubble Fudge ad. In this photo, Johnny Bench makes an appearance in the Opening Day parade, as he waves to the crowd in his Reds jersey. This is not a Johnny Bench impersonator. This is the Johnny Bench!

This is a giant inflatable Air Force man that danced in the parade.

More actual celebrities - or at least people well-known to local TV audiences. It's the Channel 19 news crew! WXIX is one of only a few channels I can still pick up after the switchover to digital. Everybody who needs to pull in an out-of-town signal when Channel 19 preempts The Simpsons really lost out on that deal, huh?

Speaking of losing, here's Steve Chabot. The embattled Republican politico is in the red cap, with his head turned away from everybody.

When you start running out of roads to go Roads Scholaring, why not make new ones? In this video, we explore the former path of the rail line between Mehring Way and the Ohio River. Mehring Way is elevated on the left. There may have been tracks still visible here in the 2000s.

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