Mar. 31 2011

The boron barely made it above freezing, but it was a big day! First, it was downtown for the annual Opening Day parade! Then I did a frigid peep at Lower Price Hill to get a couple more standard Roads Scholaring photos. I didn't get any pictures from the amazing Rally for Workers' Rights I later attended downtown though.

The roster of regional celebs for the 2011 Opening Day parade included Joe Morgan, some furry character who I first thought was Elmo, Mark Mallory, Jim Scott, Todd Portune, and Jim Tarbell (the guy from the mural). I also heard Mike DeWine was in one of the cars in the parade, but he didn't dare show his face.

As you know, Lower Price Hill is a neighborhood that keeps on giving, and this is looking north from the 8th Street Viaduct. The path seen here appears to have once been a regular street, but that must have been many years ago, because even old maps don't show it. The towers in the background on the left are the ones on Radcliff Drive, which I believe are for Channel 19 and Warm 98.

Looking north from the viaduct, South Street runs horizontally, and Summer Street is straight ahead. Boston Street (defunct since about 2008) would have run horizontally in the the empty area in the very foreground. It probably would have been about where the orange traffic cone is. (An urban prairie in the making?)

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