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Sep. 10-15 2022

I-84 in Oregon is on a roll!

I-84 near the rather unusual OR 244 exit near Hilgard.

I-84 goes under OR 244. Here we parallel the Grande Ronde River.

I-84 crosses Five Points Creek.

I-84 nestles between the Grande Ronde River and a rail line. It nestles, you little woocap!

I-84 crosses the Grande Ronde.

The Grande Ronde is the valley that keeps on giving!

Still following the Grande Ronde.

That truck tries to block that sign with the elaborate diagram.

You can see the US 30 ramp going over the Grande Ronde.

Here we go under the ramp from US 30 west.

La Grande is the home of Eastern Oregon University. I was going to give academia a chance to redeem itself, but since I still can't find much positive about American colleges in the early 2020s, they've forfeited the privilege of not having farts released in their faces. Also, the main TV station in La Grande considers itself a Portland station even though Portland is 250 miles away. They expect everyone to get cable to watch the station.

I-84 goes over OR 82. That OR 82 shield looks like it dates from the days when gas tanks of cars were behind the rear license plate.

I-84 in La Grande affords us this view of distant mountains.

A view of US 30 from I-84 in La Grande.

I-84 whisks us away from La Grande.

I-84 again.

I-84 betwixt La Grande and North Powder. I-84 overlays US 30. The frontage at right appears to be newer.

I-84 goes high-tech as it presents a variable speed limit!

I-84 in Baker - or Baker City, as census files call it. This is the town where a city council member was charged for painting graffiti. I once had neighbors from Baker who said the town had earwigs, which would go down inside your ears.

I-84 in Oregon is a real page turner of a freeway. It has Emigrant Hill, the Grande Ronde River, and now this scenery in Baker.

I-84 near Baker.

Another surprise! Splat! There appears to be some old houses just past Encina.

That's probably old US 30 on the right.

I-84 again.

You can see a train moving along a rail line at right. Old US 30 is behind the guardrail.

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