Home from WESTERN U.S.!
Sep. 10-15 2022

On I-84 between Pleasant Valley and Durkee, Ore., you can see old US 30 at right.

I-84 in Oregon dominated the afternoon.

I-84 again.

You can't censor a road!

I-84 near Durkee.

Old US 30 is again visible at right.

I-84 picks up the Burnt River here.

It looks like there might be some pipelines over the river at right.

This is probably still the stretch along the Burnt River.

I told you there were going to be some surprises. But you didn't believe me. Sort of like the stuff about digital TV.

I-84 yet again.

We're still in Oregon, but I was still looking forward to some important stops on this trip. You'll see.

This wildfire was brewing near Weatherby.

The flame of the wildfire is just a tiny dot here. Notice the small plane flying above it. Note also that there's tunnels for something at right.

I-84 again!

The magic continues!

The road accessed by this exit also goes over the rail line at right.

This is probably where I-84 goes over old US 30 and the rail line at Lime.

I'm multitasking as I sort these scenic photos. I'm watching YouTube videos from 2020-21 from malls that everyone was boycotting, as the deep "Oh Yeah" voice accompanied the sight of empty corridors.

Now we see the Snake River at left. Idaho is to the left of the river.

Another sign with a diagram.

The Snake River comes back into view.

As we blast through these great photos, I've moved on to multitasking by watching YouTube videos where people audit courthouses and police departments.

Aw, we're leaving Oregon!

We cross the Snake River back into Idaho!

As we trudge along I-84 in Idaho, we see a billboard emblazoned with this slogan, which sadly is not quite as catchy as "Fi out of fi" or "Burn gum, it melts."

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