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Sep. 10-15 2022

As US 93 nears Wells, Nev., some very faint lights at center right may represent the town.

Wells was the most interesting small town on this trip. This is 10th Street, which slogs into town from the northeast. You can't discuss Wells or other small Nevada towns without mentioning the fact that brothels are still legal in much of rural Nevada. Don't worry, I was a good little boy and didn't visit any brothels. Now, if they had pirate radio stations, I might have visited those.

Another side road in Wells.

Biz I-80 uses 6th Street in Wells. This used to be US 40, whose west end is now in Silver Summit, Utah.

This is a licensed brothel. Wow, I saw a brothel from the road! What a scandal! Wikipedia actually has a list of brothels operating legally in Nevada. Wikipedia says this one opened in 1867. According to Wikipedia, there were 21 legal brothels in Nevada as of 2018, but this was down from 35 in the early 1980s.

US 93 at I-80 in Wells.

East on I-80. See the big traffic jam going west.

Notice a helicopter on the roadway.

I-80 between Wells and Oasis. I-80 here is also Alt US 93, incidentally.

Bridge near the Pequop exit.

I-80 approaches Oasis. Whenever I hear the name Oasis, I think of the gifted program at school and how a schoolmate said the name stood for something vulgar.

I-80 again. I think the bridges like the one in the distance are for wildlife.

I-80 nears the NV 233 exit at Oasis.

At the bottom of the exit to NV 233, this is the road to the southwest. The control point is given only as "ranches."

Northeast on NV 233.

NV 233 has this rail crossing near Montello.

A mild curve near Montello.

Mountains bip into view.

We're approaching another surprise! Splat!

Yay, yay, it's another state! Utah! NV 233 becomes UT 30.

UT 30 grazes the northwest edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert and crosses Box Elder County. I used to think Box Elder County had something to do with the elderly, but it's actually a tree.

Just a few miles into Utah on UT 30.

UT 30 again.

Looking out over the Great Salt Lake Desert.

If you look far enough, the ground appears white from the salt.

UT 30, probably halfway between the state line and Rosette. Not Roxette, but Rosette.

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