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Sep. 10-15 2022

Before I even posted this part, UT 30 was already popular with this site's viewers. All the people tell me so, but what do all the people know?

Our popular UT 30 exhibit continues.

UT 30 actually follows the original transcontinental rail route in much of northwestern Utah. It was once UT 70 here. Though it becomes NV 233 in Nevada, NV 233 was NV 30 until the late 1970s.

UT 30 again!

Heading south on a minor road in Snowville, approaching I-84.

Southeast on I-84.

I-84 again. The frontage on the right may be the old US 30S.

South on UT 83!

Probably still UT 83. This sign foretells another major stop on this trip!

This is probably Golden Spike Drive, heading west towards Golden Spike National Historical Park.

The road to Golden Spike continues.

A left turn here leads to Golden Spike.

Crossing the remaining Golden Spike trackage - which was actually rebuilt to represent the original rails after the rail line was abandoned in 1904.

Looking southwest on the Golden Spike remnant.

I like to draw maps and write FreeBASIC programs to sort geographic data just for fun. And I'm a fun-loving guy. So when I saw that this trip might bring us near a transportation-related site, I jumped at the chance! Golden Spike National Historical Park commemorates the meeting of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads in 1869. The railroads met up ahead where the replicas of 19th century trains are facing each other. Because they were paid for each mile of trackage, the railroads actually tried to build past their meeting point so they could make more money. In addition to connecting the country by rail, a telegraph line was built along the route, which connected the country by telegraph as well.

This replica train shows what things may have looked like in the late 19th century.

The exact site of the famous spike.

Going back and crossing the tracks again.

This has to be going north.

This was a nice little one-way auto tour at Golden Spike that largely follows one of the most difficult stretches of railroad to build.

The auto tour continues.

We continue on the unpaveyness.

This has to be looking out toward the Great Salt Lake.

This small road could be a Scholaring in its own right.


The auto tour still trudges along!

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