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Sep. 10-15 2022

Along the Golden Spike auto tour is this formation named Chinese Arch for Chinese rail workers who helped build the railroad.

This may be looking northeast from the auto tour.

This could be looking over Golden Spike Drive and the UT 83 area.

The auto tour road again.

Probably Golden Spike Drive.

Probably UT 83.

UT 13 in Corinne, Utah. UT 83 used to continue on this stretch and meet US 30S/191 in Corinne. A USGS map marks something nearby called Stinking Springs.

I-15/84 in Brigham City.

I-15/84 near Ogden.

The Interstate continues in the Ogden area.

I can tell there's an exit with a Denny's restaurant. Every time I think of Denny's, I think of the commercials in the early 1980s where the voiceover man sounded like Toucan Sam.

I-15/84 on the southwest of Ogden.

I-15/84 again.

I-84 is about to split off with Cheyenne, Wyo., as the control city.

At the I-15/84 split.

I-84 in South Weber.

This may be Weber Canyon.

I-84 approaches US 89.

That BGS has seen less hilarious days.

At the US 89 exit.

Still in the Weber Canyon area.

There's some sort of hydroelectric generator near here, as the Weber River starts to occupy the median of I-84. The other side of I-84 was once US 30S here.

Most prominent here is a rail bridge over the Weber River and an old US 30S path.

The framework of another rail span over the Weber River peeps above the barrier.

The rail line parallels I-84 on the right. Notice the utility pole falling over.

Pretty sure this is I-84 near Enterprise, so the frontage at right would not be old US 30S.

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