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Sep. 10-15 2022

I think this is another view of the rail bridge near Green River, Wyo. It's near the town of Geen River, and everything looks geen! As they said in the sandwich bag commercial: Ello and boo make geen, Mommy!

Commercial Way in Rock Springs, Wyo. We built much of our route around staying at the Comfort Inn because it had advertised a nice pool, but when we got there, we discovered the pool was "closed for maintenance" even though it was clearly full of water. This caused us to utter a few choice words so the clerk could hear us. We spent extra dough and made a special effort to map our route with this hotel in mind, and a major feature it had advertised wasn't even open.

I'm taking a wild guess that this is I-80 near Tipton, Wyo., in which case the frontage at right may be old US 30.

I think this is the Sinclair refinery. It has one of those things that flares off fuel, thereby wosting it.

I-80 at Sinclair, Wyo. Why do people talk about ripping a "standard stinker" when it should really be a "Sinclair Stinker"?

The old US 30/287 bridge over the North Platte River. I may have actually gotten a photo of this on my 2010 trip, but I need to muster the energy to sort those photos again. It wasn't too far from where an aging cowboy farted in front of an Abraham Lincoln bust.

Man, nobody liked Liz Cheney, did they?

I-80 in Wyoming again.

Parson Street at I-80 in Pine Bluff, Wyo. You have to exit I-80 onto this street to use the rest area. The rest area is where we had a picnic lunch where we noticed someone had pooped on the ground at the shelter.

Good life, good life, good life, good life, in the good life...Good life! I-80 enters Nebraska!

I-80 near Bushnell, Neb. Thus, the frontage at right was not old US 30.

This is another one I nailed on Google Street View. This is looking south on Road 189 from I-80 about 15 miles east of Chappell, Neb.

From here, I-76 really sort of backtracks to Denver. I don't know why I-76 is labeled as north-south, when it's really east-west and has an even number. On its way to Denver, I-76 bips through Sterling, Colo. - home of a friendly motel clerk who famously greeted us with a smile during my October 2020 trip!

Busted, na na na na na na na na na na! (Sung to the tune of the Batman theme.) The popo has someone pulled over on I-80.

A view of Lincoln, Neb. I may have already had a similar photo, because this route was becomimg our preferred route to and from much of the West.

We took US 77 and NE 2 to swoop around Lincoln, and you can see the skyscraper State Capitol at center left. This is only a PG-rated page, so I won't mention the building's nickname.

My 2019 road atlas shows NE 2 darting southeast around Lincoln, but this appears to be looking out at a new freeway stretch of NE 2 that was being built even further from town.

US 75/NE 2 at Nebraska City.

Looking north on I-29 from MO 6 in St. Joseph, Mo.

East on freeway US 36 in St. Joseph.

Elm Grove Road near Breckenridge, Mo.

I don't know if I already have this one, but US 36 goes under a rail bridge near Callao, Mo. I think I've mentioned the town before, because I remember the name sounds like Caillou (the cartoon character).

Ohhhhh! This is SEC O near Bevier, Mo.

I-72 in Decatur, Ill. The truck in front of us looks like it's carrying a giant replica of Bert from Sesame Street under a hooded windbreaker jacket.

Koester Road in Forsyth, Ill. Not Coster - as in teethcoster - but Koester. US 51 is at left.

That's all!

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