July 2005

This batch of pictures is from my trip to see relatives in Florida. These photos are of roads and other public features and are intended for public viewing. In these photos I've tried to disguise what a clunker of a car the rental company loaned us.

The first photo in this set is of Knoxville, TN, along the way to Florida. It looks like we're ramping from I-275 onto I-40, with the Sunsphere on the right and the Smoky Mountains in the background.

As we continue east on I-40 this is another view of the Knoxville skyline.

This is I-126 with the skyline of Columbia, SC, in the distance. We hadn't planned on getting this close to Columbia, but bad signage directed us onto I-126, and here we're turning around on a surface road that runs over the freeway.

We made a side jaunt to Savannah, GA, which has few skyscrapers for an American city of its size. This is the junction of Montgomery & Liberty facing the Savannah Civic Center.

This is Savannah, but I'm not exactly sure where. Checking the map, this might be south on Martin Luther King Boulevard, and I know there's a ramp to I-16 ahead on the right. (The BGS directs drivers onto I-16 west to Macon.)

Outside Savannah, we're back on I-95 and are going over I-16 after using the cloverleaf exit there. This is facing west on I-16. Notice the crossing gates at the end of one of the ramps from I-95 to I-16, which resemble those used at railroad crossings. Why are there gates to stop traffic from going on I-16 towards Savannah? This is because both the eastbound and westbound lanes are used for westbound traffic as a hurricane evacuation route, and the gates keep people from going east into westbound traffic.

Continuing on I-95 into Jacksonville, FL!

Continuing through Jacksonville. I blew this photo up a bit.

A better view of Jacksonville, with the pointy skyscraper and the BellSouth building next to it.

Our rental car clunked along this bridge over the St. Johns River through Jacksonville.

A final shot of Jacksonville with the mighty St. Johns looming in front of it.

Lake Jessup near Oviedo, FL. They have fun airboat rides there, and this photo was taken during the ride. This was right before we lunched at a fine family restaurant where a group of people got mad and stormed out because they thought they deserved to be served before everyone else.

We're getting closer to Orlando, but the city itself is covered in part 2.

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