July 2005

Our Florida trip continues in Cocoa Beach. Here we're on the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean, into international waters, which begin 12 nautical miles from the shore. Homer Simpson calls international waters "the land the law forgot." This beach is where my shirt got dropped in the parking lot and ruined. If you look closely you can see a ship way out on the water.

Finally! Orlando! We're going west towards the city on the FL 408 tollway.

A better view of Orlando from FL 408. Any building in Orlando that's older than about 20 years would be considered historic, so these skyscrapers would have to be of fairly recent vintage. None of the 3 tall buildings in Orlando listed in my almanac were older than 1988.

Looking back at Orlando, as a hulking SUV on the side of the road has some car trouble.

Now we're going north on I-75 into Atlanta. We were delayed by over an hour due to a bad storm in southern Georgia, heavy road work, and hogged public restrooms. The Atlanta skyline may be just starting to peer at us from behind the trees to the right of I-75.

We're closing in on Atlanta to seal its position here on this magnificent website.

Approaching the big downtown interchange in Atlanta, I believe the BGS's direct motorists to Chattanooga, Greenville, Birmingham, and Augusta. The gold-domed Georgia State Capitol is starting to peep up at us just to the right of the freeway.

The Georgia State Capitol!

One last photo of Atlanta before we reenter the suburban wasteland that surrounds this fine city.

This is TN 68 going from I-75 to Lost Sea Cave. That's probably the Unicoi Mountains ahead. Lost Sea is where someone thrice released a silent but deadly trouser sneeze inside the cave.

I-75 north of Knoxville.

Another photo of I-75 north of Knoxville. Motorists proceed into this dizzying spectacle as they ponder a return to their humdrum daily routines.

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