Dec. 22-23 2017

It was a December to dismember in the unpredictable world of the Great Royal Tim. This trip was for an important Christmas family gathering in Port Huron. In a true holiday spirit, some will scoff that I "ruined" money just by traveling outside greater Cincinnati. Tough toilets. This is supposed to be a free country.

Ha-ha-ha tee-hee-hee that car has a Trump sticker! This is on I-75 in Ohio.

It turned out the Trump car was actually part of a small Trump convoy. It was following this pickup, which also had a humiliating Trump sticker.

West on US 6 near Bowling Green, Ohio. The ramp to I-75 has its own exit number from US 6 - exit 66, which appears to be numbered from the Indiana line.

US 6 continues.

OH 25 enters Bowling Green. This is significant because it used to be US 25 - of Dixie Highway fame.

OH 25 continues in Bowling Green.

This appears to be an alley - a people's road - in Bowling Green.

Kermit's! Like Kermit the Frog! This is north on OH 25 in Bowling Green again.

OH 25 in downtown Bowling Green.

OH 582 approaches I-75.

Buck Road at I-75.

Huron River Drive in Rockwood, Mich.

On I-75 heading into Detroit. Look closely at that billboard. Do you faintly see a Sesame Street sign? And is that Elmo at the bottom?

I-75 in Detroit!

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