Dec. 22-23 2017

I-75 continues in Detroit.

I-75 approaches I-375.

I-75 makes a sharp turn at I-375.

I-94 approaches Port Huron. I could've gone to Canada, except I don't have a passport. So bust goes that bubble.

We toured Port Huron in the evening twilight! This could be Military Street - Biz I-94.

Port Huron plunges into night!

Holiday decorations illuminate Port Huron.

The nighttime sky is a canvas here in Port Huron.

Back in Detroit, I-94 goes under Morang Avenue. Not meringue - as in lemon meringue pie, like what the hospital served when I had a kidney stone - but Morang.

I-94 approaching I-75.

For some reason, we got onto I-96.

We're on I-96, and straight ahead, it becomes MI 14, a freeway to Ann Arbor. That's right. Ann Arbor. I-96 ramps onto I-275, a Detroit bypass.

I-275 - not to be confused with the Cincinnati bypass of the same number - runs near Detroit's main airport.

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