Aug. 31 2008

They call it Riverfest, but I call it Rip-off-fest. It's a festival every Labor Day weekend that's jam-packed with Allowed Clouds! These 3 photos aren't really road-specific, but they count here because it was an outdoor public attraction. (Also, people bubbled.)

This temporary sign for Rip-off-fest was on Riverboat Row going from Bellevue into Newport, KY. It shows just some of the many Allowed Clouds for the event. In addition to this, military police were stationed there to inspect purses and backpacks. Even bringing in water or soda was forbidden. Umbrellas have also been banned from time to time.

I violated the list of Allowed Clouds by smuggling in a bottle of Pepsi in my pocket. This is a view of the Ohio River from a parking lot along Riverboat Row.

Riverfest culminates in a massive fireworks display. This is on the Newport floodwall overlooking Riverboat Row. See Cincinnati on the right, and the trails left by the fireworks!

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