Sep. 6 2009

Again, I indulged in Riverfest. And again, I violated the Allowed Cloud against bringing beverages into the festival. This set of photos isn't very roadly, but they clearly have some Scholarin' value, as you can readily identify roads and other transport features...

Here I'm on my favorite spot on the Newport floodwall, overlooking the Ohio River, with downtown Cincinnati in the background. Portable outhouses loom near the lower right. Notice I violated the Allowed Cloud by smuggling in a bottle of Dr Pepper.

Cincinnati after dark. The Purple People Bridge is in the foreground, but it blends in with the darkness.

The approach to the I-471 bridge - the Big Mac, if you will. During this festival, there were military police in camos lurking on the span, waiting to rain down onto those who brang Dr Pepper into the event.

The Purple People Bridge is easy to make out in this fireworks photo.

Another hard-to-catch fireworks photo!

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