Aug. 25-27 2021

North on Market in Salem, Va.

South on Broad at Main.

East on Main (US 11/460)

Continuing on Main.

As we bip from Salem into Roanoke, some downright venerable signage informs us that this is Alt US 11 and US 460.

Approaching VA 116.

At VA 116.

Despite the sign, this appears to still be Alt US 11 - though I'm not sure how this is VA 116.

Approaching where this route jumps from Melrose Avenue to Orange Avenue.

Approaching I-581/US 220.

US 221 somehow jumps into the mix.

The US 460 juggernaut goes under a rail bridge.

South on Hollins Road.

Hollins rounds a few turns.

Railroad crossing on Hollins.

Campbell Avenue heading towards downtown Roanoke. We go under I-581 up ahead.

Campbell at I-581. Norfolk Avenue is on the right.

The 1940s Dr Pepper logo lives! This is Campbell at 3rd Street SE.

Campbell at Williamson.

Campbell at Jefferson.

Campbell at 1st Street SW.

North on 2nd Street SW, which becomes Gainsboro Road at the viaduct. Not Gaines-Burger Road, but Gainsboro Road.

East on Salem. Here you see the tallest building in Roanoke, which is (drum roll please) the Wells Fargo Tower. Next thing you know, there will be a WellCare Tower or Brossart Tower. This building was completed in 1991.

The approach to a long footbridge over the railroad linking 1st Street SW with Henry Street.

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