Aug. 25-27 2021

North on Jefferson at Norfolk. Jefferson continues past the gap at the rail line.

East on Norfolk. This photo reveals a handy covered pedestrian bridge over the rail line. In the background, we go under Williamson Road.

Going under Williamson. We go under I-581 in the background.

Norfolk Avenue almost trails off as it goes under I-581.

North on I-581! Future plans call for making this part of I-73. I-581 is only 6 miles long. A small part of it overlays an older road. The freeway was built in the 1960s, and its construction was as controversial as any other Interstate.

You didn't believe me when I said this was slated to become I-73, did you? Someone on CNN or the Debbie Harry look-alike on Good Morning America probably said it's not, and you believed them, right?

Southeast on Thirlane Road.

Loch Haven Drive at Belle Haven Road. The unpaved road ahead appears to be a public right-of-way.

Belle Haven Road goes under I-81.

I have no idea where this nifty little road is.

US 11 goes under a rail bridge in Cloverdale.

Setting the stage for more roadliness as we look out over Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport in the morning twilight.

Back on I-581, with downtown Roanoke at center!

I-581 goes over Shenandoah Avenue, which hits Williamson Road at the viaduct approach.

A good view of downtown with the Williamson Road viaduct.

Let's rock down to Electric Road! This is west on Electric Road (VA 419) as it goes under a rail bridge.

This beautiful road may be the legendary Blue Ridge Parkway, which grazes the city of Roanoke.

This road is as terrific as any other, and that's why I include it here! Pretty cool when you think about it!

There appears to be some sort of boulder or formation at right.

Looking out over the mountains of southwestern Virginia. Some of the mountains around here serve as the site of radio and TV towers, accounting for some of the Roanoke stations' monster signals - and the infamous short-spacing issue with Greensboro on 92.3.

Presumably the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway has a ramp down to Biz US 58. US 58 continues to Vesta and Stuart. Vesta was not named after singer Vesta Williams, nor was it named after vesta grass, which was a completely made-up name somebody came up with for some grass growing at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The parkway goes over Round Meadow Creek.

Crossing the bridge over Round Meadow Creek.

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