Aug. 25-27 2021

Just as we cross the state line, this is looking east on State Street, which separates Bristol, Tenn., and Bristol, Va. And hang on to your elbows, because it gets interestinger!

North on 6th in Bristol, Tenn. This road appears to end at State Street at the state line, but it actually does squeeze in left of the building with the green awning and becomes Moore Street.

East on Shelby in Bristol, Tenn.

From Shelby at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Bristol, Tenn., this is a view of Beecham Street as it goes under a viaduct on Anderson Street.

North on MLK approaching the state line at State Street.

This looks like one city, but this is west on State, with Virginia on the right and Tennessee on the left.

State at Moore or 6th, as the state line again runs down the middle.

East on State - from right on the state line. This is like the time in April 2020 when I saw a woman blowing a bubble with bubble gum in two cities at the same time as she walked across O'Fallon Avenue from Bellevue into Dayton.

State Street picks up TN 1 even as it continues to mark the state line.

The 1970s Mountain Dew logo lives! This is State at 15th or Daniel Street.

South on 24th in Bristol, Tenn.

The 1970s 7 Up logo lives! I think that was from even before Geoffrey Holder did the commercials, and it was from decades before the hilarious YouTube video from 2021 in which a young man spit 7 Up all over the floor of a library. This is US 11W/TN 1 near Blountville.

TN 36 in Kingsport. There's a business called B&E, like Bert and Ernie. Kingsport has a population of 50,000, and as of 2021 is the biggest city in what is called the Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol metropolitan area. Yes, Bristol is named twice. The federal government now places Johnson City in a separate metropolitan area.

Again we're on the state line. Flanary Street is on the right and marks the boundary. On the left is Carters Valley Road heading into Virginia.

This has to be south on Skeltons Bluff Road in Virginia.

Skeltons Bluff Road enters Tennessee.

Skeltons Bluff Road again.

Another deer! This is Skeltons Bluff Road again.

Sullivan Street at Lovedale Drive in Kingsport.

Southeast on Sullivan.

TN 93 over US 11W.

US 23/58/421 goes under a rail bridge in Weber City, Va.

The rail line again passes over US 23/58/421, near Clinchport. Here we're paralleling Troublesome Creek. The entire early 2020s were troublesome.

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