Aug. 25-27 2021

This has to be US 23/58/421 near Clinchport, Va.

This has to be near Duffield. A book in the 1990s described Duffield as the smallest town in Virginia, noting that it mostly just consisted of a hotel.

This has to be US 58, but I'm not sure if we've lost US 23 or US 421.

US 58 in Jonesville, Va.

US 58 turns left onto Main. Park Street is straight ahead.

US 58 continues in Jonesville.

US 58 near Ewing, Va.

The BRS's for the Cumberland Gap Tunnel have become iconic for Roads Scholars. This is US 58 as it starts to sputter to its end. This is just before we return to Tennessee very briefly and ramp onto US 25E.

Told you we'd be back in Tennessee! Tennesseein' really is Tennebelievin'!

This ramp to US 25E marks the end of US 58. I don't know why the sign gantry appears rusted, as this setup only dates from 1996.

On US 25E, another rusted gantry sweeps the hazmat trucks away.

Inside the Cumberland Gap Tunnel, which brings us to Kentucky. When I went on a college trip to Gatlinburg in 1994 (the trip where we burned a phone book in the motel fireplace), this wasn't open yet. We took US 25E home and grazed the corner of Virginia. US 25E no longer enters Virginia. Also, the west end of US 58 was in Virginia back then, and US 58 did not enter Tennessee.

US 25E emerges in Kentucky.

US 25E is actually a freeway for a brief stretch.

US 25E enters Middlesboro, Ky.

US 25 goes under this walkway near Pineville, Ky. The walkway seems to serve a high school - assuming this was one of 3 schools in the entire country that was open in 2021.

US 25E at KY 190.

US 25E runs atop a levee along the Cumberland River in Pineville.

US 25E on the Pineville levee.

US 25E on the levee again.

US 25E goes under a covered walkway that serves a healthcare center.

Stinking is funny. Especially with WaftGas. This is US 25E over Stinking Creek.

McCoy Road in Dry Ridge, Ky.

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