Dec. 10-12 2011

This may be my best picture of all featuring downtown Charleston. This is coming off the Scarborough Bridge.

North on Meeting Street at Spring Street. The US 17 marker on the right is old, old, old. In fact, when was the last time any of this was US 17?

Northwest on I-26 in the giant suburb of North Charleston. The SC 7 marker on the BGS is of the now-aging variety that features button copy.

This is in Camden, S.C. - on US 521 (Broad Street).

Continuing on US 521 in Camden.

All together now: "All the right farts in all the right faces..." (There's a NAPA on the left.) Going west in Camden, this road has US 1, US 601, and SC 34.

Probably Winnsboro, S.C.

From Winnsboro, I think we went northwest on SC 34 and SC 215. This has to be one of those 2 routes.

This too.

SC 215, probably in Fairfield County.

Continuing on SC 215.

SC 215 again. My road atlas marks the left side of the road as Sumter National Forest.

SC 215 joins SC 72/121 just before Carlisle. This photo is in Carlisle where they split up again.

Now we're in Union, S.C.

Big Buford from Birmingham biffed in a bottle! This is Buford Street in Gaffney, S.C. We're crossing Limestone Street (SC 150).

Buford Street at Granard Street (US 29).

Southwest on Granard. I don't know why they built an elevated parallel roadway on the left just to access one street.

This has to be I-85 near Spartanburg. Disappointingly, it's doubtful that either one of the frontage roads is an old U.S. route.

FCC? Uh, I think that unlicensed station that has Orly Taitz is in the other direction, FCC. This is I-26 near Columbus, N.C.

I-26 near Saluda, N.C.

Approaching a tunnel on I-40. I-40 in western North Carolina has 2 tunnels going east, but this is the only tunnel going west.

Entering the tunnel! Whee!

This is probably where they had the rockslides on I-40.

I-40 still. The brown sign says we're crossing the Appalachian Trail, so this has to be right at the Tennessee line.

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