Nov. 10 2019

I again scouted out sites for the 2020 roadmeet!

A newly repaved US 52 (Riverside Drive) east of downtown. I got this photo because of the sticker someone stuck on the bike route sign (sort of like in grade school when I stuck a bubble gum sticker on a binder featuring the late Joe Gandolfo).

This Truck US 50 sign is an oldie but a goodie. It might not be ancient though. This is on Eastern Avenue just past Delta.

Now this is an old one. It looked even older in person. This is on Eastern approaching Stanley Avenue. US 52 once did use Stanley, but that was a long time ago! Even the 1957 USGS map suggests US 52 had been removed from Stanley by then.

A bonus photo from Newport, Ky.! Imagine that! Who'd have ever thunk that an insane 30-year-long political vendetta would shrink our world so mightily? This is northeast on 5th at Saratoga. Why does it need 3 stop signs? I guess gentrification boondoggles draw lots of bad drivers who think rules don't apply to them unless you say it at least 3 times (and maybe not even then).

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