Oct. 22 2019

This is another session in which I scouted out sites for the 2020 Cincinnati roadmeet. Peepage is in order!

West on Harrison at Spring Grove. I'm pretty sure this was US 52 before the Western Hills Viaduct was built. This crossing appears to have become pedestrian-unfriendly even before the media thought it was cool. The sign against pedestrian crossings is old - and that's why I got a photo!

North on Spring Grove at Marshall. This shield is another specimen of old signage, and I had no recent photo of it, perhaps no photo at all. This stretch of Spring Grove was once OH 4W.

East on Elmore approaching Colerain. Again, I had no record of a recent photo of this prehistoric artifact.

Southwest on William P. Dooley Bypass. This too has no recent photos on record.

This was at Spring Grove & Mitchell. However, with all the stuff planned for the roadmeet, I'm not even sure if this remained on the route.

Southeast on Mitchell, we see a green sign for I-75 with acclaimed button copy. I actually got a photo of this during the 2013 meet.

Looking northwest on Mitchell, this old sign is just before the rail overpass.

Tennessee Avenue becomes Ross Avenue as we enter Norwood. We go under a rail bridge and the Norwood Lateral (OH 562). If I have an older photo of this, it was before the small speed limit sign was added.

Continuing on Ross. The speed limit sign that uses the 1948 MTUCD specs is very old and faded.

East on Norwood Avenue in Norwood. The ramp to OH 562 is part of a somewhat unusual setup.

As we bip through Norwood, I'm approaching a real treat. But first, this is south on Forest at Harris. Notice that the road dips down and goes under a rail bridge.

A very old sign for Norwood Avenue. This is on Harris at Beech. The sign is probably from the early 1970s when OH 562 was built and Norwood Avenue was cut off.

Harris whipsaws a little to the southeast, and this is where it gets interesting. At the intersection with Duck Creek Road, it has a signature 1970s-era Ohio stop sign, characterized by the skinny lettering.

I'd been trying to get this for years, and it gives me a nice, warm feeling! This is one of the many disconnected parts of Duck Creek Road, going under a rail bridge. A faded stop sign is at right. This still had thru traffic before I-71 was built. The road here was only one lane, and motorists had to wait their turn at a traffic signal. The bridge is probably from the 1880s.

Back north on Duck Creek at Harris. Duck Creek goes off to the right. Another 1970s-era stop sign, but here's the best part: I saw a photo from around 2002 that shows a more modern stop sign here. This means they must have dug up an old stop sign to replace it. Plus, we're not that far from a so-called public school that back around 2000 had a right-wing sign saying, "Proud to be a uniform school." They were proud of that? And, you guessed it, our local press ran a one-sided article praising it.

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