Mar. 25 2020

As in other outings of this era, I scouted out sites for the incredible edible roadmeet (which I almost canceled because of my cardiac episode). Many of these sites aren't on the meet route, but I included them anyway just because.

South on Clay approaching 14th.

Northwest on McMicken where it parallels Central Parkway.

From the "roads for knee people" department, this is looking up the steps that make up Warner Street from McMicken. Notice the mosaics on each step.

North on McMicken at Marshall. Not Marshal as in Marshal Grover or Martial as in Martial Grover, but Marshall.

North on Central Parkway (US 127). I'm unsure of the overpass in the background. It could be a ghost ramp that appeared in aerial photos of the era, or it could be a new project.

This is where US 127 bips onto Ludlow Avenue, but this is looking the other way, on the unnumbered part of Ludlow.

A view of Hamilton Avenue (US 127) from Hoffner Park. Somebody wrote "JEFF BEZO$" on the trash can. (And yes, I agree that Jeff Bezos resembles Dan Hoard.)

South on Colerain at Spring Grove, this is another golden oldie!

Southeast on a disconnected stretch of Colerain. The ramp at left with the railing goes up to the Brighton Bridge, a 1925 span over Central Parkway.

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