Oct. 14 2019

To prepare for the 2020 Cincinnati roadmeet that I was asked to host, I scouted out a route. Most resulting photo shoots - such as this - were embargoed until just before the meet, for fear that these features might be erased if highway officials knew about them.

See why I had to embargo this set? This is east on Linn at its more southerly junction with Gest. If a sign appears to be older than I am, it's old enough to be Scholared - and old enough that the highway department would probably remove it if they knew it was still up.

North on Harriet. Notice the ancient stop sign laying on the ground. It probably wasn't permanently erected there but was just something that somebody had hoarded in a junkyard and tossed there. The sign probably was not yellow but was red that had faded to white. It looks like a 1960s stop sign I've seen in old photos from within the city of Cincinnati, as the lettering is almost imperceptibly bigger than usual. This is not the same as the 1970s stop signs seen in Ohio in general.

West on Gest at State. The old Pepsi logo hanging off the red building is what I call the mullet of Pepsi logos.

South on State (the onetime OH 4W) at Gest. The text painted on the building is one of these old advertisements that's become pretty uncommon.

This sign doesn't exactly represent 21st century sparkle. It's another oldie but a goodie, with an I-75 shield that's almost completely faded. This is north on State at Harrison. The Western Hills Viaduct is in the background.

Harrison Avenue ramps up to the viaduct approach, and the I-75 shields here are just as faded. Just as significantly, the sign shows that each of the 2 levels of the Western Hills Viaduct goes to a different side of I-75 - showing how elaborate the viaduct is.

East on 8th at State. You can see that 8th sluices seamlessly onto the 8th Street Viaduct - one of my Scholaring mainstays of a decade earlier. The OH 264 shield is another that has seen less ruined days.

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