Mar. 2004

The way viaducts ought to be. This is the 8th Street Viaduct looking towards downtown. Its most endearing feature is the presence of bike lanes - a rarity for Cincinnati.

Looking south on Baymiller Street in the industrial ruins of Queensgate. (Ha ha, RUINS!!!) This road is barricaded forever, and a sign declares that this area will unfortunately be razed for a new industrial park. Baymiller used to run all the way from here through West End, but that section is now cut off from this part. Even in Clifton Heights there's a set of steps signed as Baymiller Street.

The far west end of 3rd Street looking towards Baymiller. This too is barricaded and closed forever.

Mehring Way with a rail viaduct running directly above it.

Mehring Way at Freeman Avenue. Here the rail viaduct forms the bridge with the metal framework. In the weeds behind the stop sign at left is a dead end part of 5th Street that was permanently barricaded to make way for the new industrial park.

Mehring Way approaching Pete Rose Way. The building on the left is the historic Longworth Hall.

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