Sep. 14-17 2019

Bask in my only out-of-town trip of 2019! It was our magazine-incinerating jaunt to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia! And wo! I got to see Monticello!

The exit from I-275 to OH 32 east of Cincinnati had been rebuilt. This is the ramp to OH 32 east. It forms a tunnel under a ramp from OH 32 to Eastgate Boulevard. A Holiday Inn across the highway is where Occupy Cincinnati humiliated a group of neo-Nazis back in 2012. It was a real life Holiday Inn Conquering!

East on OH 32 approaching Tater Ridge Road in Adams County. This intersection is famous for the time during my 1986 trip to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., when we stopped here because I had to pee along the road.

Southeast on US 35 near Gallipolis (pronounced "gal-ih-puh-lees"), Ohio. I tried to photograph a bridge in the background, but it's almost impossible to see it.

US 35 again. The bridge is the Silver Memorial Bridge, which carries US 35 across the Ohio River to Henderson, W.Va. It replaces the old Silver Bridge, which opened in 1928 and tragically collapsed because of heavy loads and poor maintenance in 1967 - killing 46. The bridge's lack of redundant eyebars was a factor. The replacement bridge opened in 1969.

This is US 35 again, and the exit to OH 735 is unusual in that it's on the left.

OH 735 is merely a short connector to OH 7 on the north side of Gallipolis. The bridge is the Point Pleasant Rail Bridge to Point Pleasant, W.Va. The Silver Bridge that caved in would have been directly ahead on the road you see here.

Southwest on OH 7 near Gallipolis. This used to also be US 35.

Going back the other way on OH 7. The collapsed bridge would have come out on the right. Up ahead, we go under the Point Pleasant Rail Bridge.

Southwest again on OH 7, approaching the ramp to US 35 and the replacement bridge.

Getting on the replacement Silver Memorial Bridge.

Entering West Virginia on the bridge.

US 35 just past Henderson. It parallels the Kanawha River in this area.

US 35 near Fraziers Bottom.

As US 35 approaches Fraziers Bottom, it has this bend.

US 35 rounds another sharp curve near Fraziers Bottom.

US 35 actually has an exit to WV 34.

WV 25 in Nitro.

I-64 in Charleston is a road that keeps on giving! In the background at left is the bridge that carries I-64 across the Kanawha River.

Crossing said bridge. I may already have a photo of this, but it always seems so fresh every time! Besides, if it was in the TinyPic era, it's lost forever anyway. Just joking! I would have a copy of it on my computer. Had you scared for a moment, didn't I?

Charleston itself is a city that keeps on giving. Just ask Old Stopsignface. This is I-64/77.

I-64/77 again. This time, the dome of the West Virginia State Capitol seemed to be undergoing repairs.

I'm sure I got this before too. I-64/77 becomes the West Virginia Turnpike as it crosses the Kanawha River.

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