Sep. 14-17 2019

The Adm. T.J. Lopez Bridge carries this connector road across the Kanawha River in Chelyan, W.Va.

US 60 winds southeast through here. I shoulda chomped a big ol' slab of beegee to stave off carsickness. We also used this route on my 2010 Delmarva trip.

US 60 sprouts an exit in Cedar Grove.

US 60 again. The PLANT ENTRANCE sign appeared to be pretty old.

This DO NOT PASS sign on US 60 also seems to be old.

Somewhat unusual signal on US 60.

I may have gotten this in 2010. This has to be the bridge over the Kanawha River at Kanawha Falls.

This sign on US 60 warns of an 8% grade for the next half-mile. I received an 8% grade on schoolwork for half of a lifetime.

US 60 approaching US 19.

Pence Springs! As in Mike Pence! This is I-64.

I-64 goes under the oddly sloped Royal Orchard Drive near Afton, Va.

I-64 approaching Charlottesville.

I-64 approaches the US 29 exit near Charlottesville.

This traffic jam was on the US 29 freeway near Charlottesville.

Right here, we pick up US 250.

Greenbrier Drive north of Charlottesville. I thought that political sign said Cyndi Lauper!

South on US 29 in Charlottesville. The control city here is Lynchburg. Insert "I use Hellmann's in my home" inside joke.

The BGS reveals that going straight on Emmet Street leads to the University of Virginia.

US 29 approaches I-64.

VA 53 (Thomas Jefferson Parkway) runs towards Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's estate.

VA 53 continues.

VA 53 goes under a road titled Monticello Loop, which surrounds Monticello. The bridge appears to be dated 2002.

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