Sep. 14-17 2019

Skyline Drive continues.

Skyline Drive again. This is probably near where it goes over US 211.

I'm not sure, but this might be near the north end of the park, near Mount Marshall.

More park scenery.

South on Skyline Drive at US 211. At left you see the ramp from US 211 merging onto Skyline Drive north.

This has to be going south through the Marys Rock Tunnel.

The 1962 Pepsi logo lives. Even when I was growing up, that logo was so old that I thought it was from the 19th century. This is probably US 33 near Elkton, Va.

I-81 in Harrisonburg. James Madison University is often confused with George Mason University - another public university in Virginia. Although a public institution, GMU has accepted donations from the far-right Federalist Society that have influenced faculty hiring decisions. The school also sponsors a right-wing think tank that influenced the George W. Bush regime's oppressive policies. Your tax dollars at work!

I-81 near Staunton.

I-81 merges with I-64. It's rare for a road sign to use the fraction 4/5. Also, the BGS on the left must refer to Lexington, Va. - although I-64 does continue to Lexington, Ky.

I-64/81 near Raphine. When I looked at the map, I thought it said Ralphie - like from A Christmas Story.

I-64 merges with I-77 near Beckley, W.Va.

I-64/77 makes up the West Virginia Turnpike here.

More turnpike scenery.

A foodstuff is advertised along the turnpike.

Four dollars now? Guess somebody has to pay for the "right-to-work" legal defense fund!

This has to be I-64 in the Charleston, W.Va., area.

This may have been the first mention we saw of Cincinnati on the way home. This is the ramp from I-64 to KY 1/7 in Grayson, Ky.

Another mention of Cincinnati at the east end of KY 9 (the AA Highway).

As we get on the AA Highway, we see a sign for Alexandria. I guess people are willing to travel 105 miles to see the broken toilets at my former high school.

A faded KY 9 marker at this junction with KY 1234. Since KY 9 was only extended here in the 1990s, the KY 9 sign shouldn't be that faded.

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