NEWPORT KY - south
Jan. 24 2011

The Peace Bike makes a triumphant return to the Roads Scholaring business. And it really is a business, with LeftMaps and all. In addition to the quicksand incident, this outing yielded several usable photos.

Looking southeast up a big hill on Park Avenue from 10th. NO THRU TRAFFIC? Well, as you'll see, I fooled them - though not without a major obstacle.

Northeast on Center Street from Park.

Looking back down Park to 10th.

Southeast on Park.

Further southeast on Park, it does indeed become a dead end up ahead because of the Newport Pavilion shopping center that wrecked the neighborhood.

Facing down Prospect Street to Park Avenue.

I suspect this is the remnants of the old Forrest Street. This is off the current end of Park. The building behind this is the LaRosa's pizzeria on Carothers Road. At center-left behind this stub of road is the patch of quicksand where I got hopelessly mired up to my knees for 15 minutes. The quicksand was probably intentionally placed by some agency to keep folks from central Newport from accessing the many businesses on Carothers.

East on Carothers (KY 1892). There's a famous photo floating around out there of this stretch of road from 1960 featuring JFK's motorcade. The street on the left is Pavilion Parkway, formerly part of Grand Avenue. Note that there's black letters seeping through the white H on the blue hospital sign. It appears the sign is a recycled all-text DO NOT ENTER sign (from before the red circle became standard in the 1970s).

And this is southwest on 13th.

From the bridge off 13th & Central, this is southwest on the rail line. This is a rather unusual view: The bridge with the framework goes over the Licking River to Covington, and this photo makes it appear much closer than it is.

Northwest on Central Avenue from 12th. Central has long carried KY 9 here.

Northeast on 9th at John. A special treat here: Note that the building at right bears a very old white-on-purple John Street sign. Sometimes you still see these very old sign blades on buildings in inner cities around here.

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