NEWPORT KY - south
July 20 2012

This heat-shortened Roads Scholaring exposed some of Newport's abandoned roadery - assuming all the exhibits here ever really were real roads...

"MacArthur Lane is melting in the dark..." Remember that song about a cake getting (keek!) ruined? Anyhow, this is MacArthur Lane where it trails off at a gate in Riddleview Park.

Northwest on what I'm pretty sure is the long-abandoned Observatory Street in what is now Riddleview Park. Observatory absolutely was a real road in old aerial photos, but it appears to be gone by 1968.

Looking southeast, the road on the right is Kentucky Drive (the old Lindsey Road). The path on the left is a shortcut to the end of Carroll Street, but it may actually belong to a store on US 27.

The aforementioned path, probably looking northwest.

Southeast on Carroll. Kentucky Drive is on the right.

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