Nov. 4-5 2018

North on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (which appears to be the old 18th).

Continuing north.

North at Edwards.

West on Capitol at 15th.

Roundabout and sculpture at Capitol & 12th. The Illinois State Capitol again appears in the background.

A smooth brick stretch of Capitol Avenue.

As we approach the Capitol, a rail bridge goes over Capitol Avenue.

South on 2nd at Laurel.

North on 6th - well south of town. This stretch of 6th serves as frontage for I-55 - which overlays the old US 66.

South on 6th at Toronto Road.

North on 6th past Miller. The sign for historic US 66 is labeled 1926-30, suggesting US 66 used Enos Street then.

"Enos, you dipstick!" This is 6th at Enos.

Up ahead, 6th crosses a rail line at an unusual angle.

South on 9th - Biz I-55 and the old Biz US 66.

Continuing on 9th.

South on 9th at Carpenter. The walkway over the road is for a hospital. The walkway wasn't built yet in a 2017 Google Street View photo.

West on Jefferson - IL 97 west. The walkway over the road links the Lincoln Presidential Library with its accompanying museum. Unlike the official libraries of later Presidents, which are administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, this one is run by an Illinois agency. This road was once IL 125.

The window of the walkway includes portraits of Presidents who lived in Illinois: Barack Obama, Ulysses Grant, Ronald Reagan, and Abraham Lincoln.

West on Adams approaching 6th.

South on 5th at Washington Street. At left is the Old State Capitol. In fact, most of Springfield is in Capital Township.

East on Monroe.

Somehow we backtracked on Monroe.

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