Nov. 4-5 2018

This could be south on 16th at Cass.

East on Cass at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

South on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive as South Grand runs roughly horizontally across the photo.

East on Spruce. Spruce ends ahead at Wirt and does not cross the rail line paralleling Wirt. Spruce resumes on the other side of the rail line.

South on Wirt approaching Laurel.

West on Laurel at 14th.

West on Stamford.

I guess it's a brand new day after all, and this is north on I-55 on the south side, approaching I-72. This roadway loses I-55 and becomes 6th Street, which is Biz I-55.

Losing I-55.

North on Biz I-55 at Hazel Dell Road. Springfield had an anti-hate sign entering town. They oppose hate! Unlike some places we know of.

Biz I-55 veers slightly to the left, while 6th parallels it on the right.

East on Adams at 6th. I love how Google Maps describes major chain businesses as if nobody's heard of them before, like how it describes the Subway here as "Build-your-own sandwich chain."

East on IL 97 under a pedestrian walkway.

Continuing on IL 97.

From I-72, this is looking east on Mechanicsburg Road, which actually used to be a main road here.

North on I-57 in Champaign. That BGS is the road sign equivalent of the Atari kill screen. The only thing missing is a POP command.

We got the grand tour of Danville. One study ranked Danville as the cheapest place to live in America. It was also the childhood home of Dick and Jerry Van Dyke. This is north on Bowman Avenue after unboarding I-74.

West on US 136, which uses Main Street here.

Main at Park approaching downtown Danville.

Main at Jackson.

Main at Vermilion.

South on US 150 (Gilbert Street). Someone humiliated themselves and the people of Danville by placing a giant Trump sign on the left side of the road.

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