July 20 2020

I did a big pib-a-roo one day by embarking (arf-arf!) on this automotive tour to Springfield. This city of 60,000 is where a kid cussed out Bozo the Clown on live TV. It's also the birthplace of singer John Legend and of actress Alaina Reed Hall, who played Olivia on Sesame Street.

I get to mention Sesame Street again! Super! This is I-71 going northeast from Cincinnati. Lost in the blur at right is a sign error: US 48, when it should be OH 48. Whenever a cool person mentions the number 48, they say it in an Ernie voice, because Channel 48 is the leading PBS station in Cincinnati. Remember the "Watch it! TV 48!" jingle? I remember one time, I was being careless with some fragile object, and I was warned, "Watch it!" I replied, "TV 48!"

Another wrongfaced US 48 marker at right. This is just before the OH 48 exit.

Yet another US 48 error!

This could be east on Wilmington Road.

At some point, Wilmington Road became Lebanon Road.

Apparently continuing on the same road, there's enough sunlight here to make a Monopoly thimble sparkle like new!

We have reason to believe this is south on OH 380. A bit of trivvo about OH 3: It got its number because it had been known as the 3C Highway - Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland.

US 22/OH 3 at Sligo.

US 22/OH 3 runs east on Main in Wilmington. This was once an OH 73 marker, but it's pretty much faded. OH 73 had long since been moved onto the bypass by then.

US 22/OH 3 continues on Main in Wilmington.

Busted! Na na na na na na na na na na! This has to be US 68 a few miles south of Xenia.

We enter Xenia on US 68. I don't know how I used to pick up a small Xenia radio station at home pretty clearly, when I can barely get major Cincinnati stations now.

US 68 uses Detroit Street in Xenia.

At the locus of Xenia, we cross Main Street, which carries Biz US 35/42.

US 68 approaching Yellow Springs.

US 68 uses Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs.

US 68 forms its own bypass around Springfield and approaches I-70.

US 68 at I-70. I remember when Dayton usually wasn't mentioned as a control city along I-70 between Indianapolis and Columbus. After all, I-70 doesn't enter the city of Dayton.

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