July 20 2020

I tried to come up with a version of "Copacabana" that talks about Urbana, but to no avail. In my day, people came up with a "Copacabana" parody that rhymed the title with "banana", but it wasn't exactly G-rated. This is US 68 (Main Street) in Urbana, Ohio. The roundabout up ahead is the heart of town, where we cross US 36/OH 29 (Miami Street or Scioto Street). The roundabout surrounds a Civl War monument.

East on US 36/OH 29 (Scioto Street).

We continue at Kenton Street.

North on Jefferson at Scioto. Only a Roads Scholar would even notice or care that the route shields are slightly wider than usual for a 2-digit number.

Going back west at the Urbana traffic circle.

Continuing west on US 36 (Miami Street) under a rail bridge.

US 36 still!

US 36 leaves Urbana, and this is at the junction with what Google Maps labels as SEC 104.

South on OH 235 (the old OH 69) near St. Paris.

OH 235 near New Carlisle. This road is arrow straight for miles.

OH 235 uses Main Street in New Carlisle.

OH 571 (the old OH 71) ends at US 40. Medway-New Carlisle Road is straight ahead.

South on Medway-New Carlisle Road.

Spangler Road runs southeast of Medway.

Spangler Road just magically becomes I-675, a bypass on the east of Dayton. I have no idea why this is also signed as Alt I-70. I-675 overlays Spangler for a brief stretch.

I-675 goes under a pedestrian path called Wright State Way. As the path links Wright State University with a neighborhood of suburban shopping centers, remember that this tour was in the early 2020s, when the entire American education system - already known for frequently hitting new lows - managed to somehow outdo itself.

I-675 continues. I'm not sure what the dire orange signs were for.

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