ST. LOUIS trip
Aug. 17-19 2014

I went to St. Louis for the second time in 2014 because I say so.

We start this photo shoot on I-74/465 on the south side of Indianapolis. There appears to be a major construction project at the junction with I-65.

RAIN RUINED THE WHOLE TRIP!!! Seriously, it did of course rain each and every day of the trip. Without exception. This downpour was as we entered Illinois on I-70.

Construction on I-70 near Montrose, Ill.

There's been construction here on I-70 near Effingham, Ill., for years now.

Our first Sesame Street reference of the trip. This is I-70 near St. Elmo, Ill. Elmo! Hahaha!

Looks like the sky's gonna crack some roos on I-55/70 in Troy, Ill.

I saw a couple of these billboards for Meramec Caverns that had a guy who looked like the Gum Fighter from the Hubba Bubba commercials with a bandana over his face.

On the ramp from I-55/70 to IL 203 north in Madison, Ill., you can see St. Louis eerily peeking through the clouds on the left.

IL 203 is almost like a freeway here, though the Ohio Avenue intersection is hardly what I'd classify as an "exit."

Back south on IL 203 where it forms its little freeway touches.

I-55, I-64, and US 40 - together at last in East St. Louis, Ill.! The long ramp at right is to the Martin Luther King Bridge. The ramp at left goes from Martin Luther King Drive to the bridge.

A blow-up of the previous photo to show the bridge with the truss on one of the ramps.

I love this! This is in East St. Louis, and I think the road is a part of 6th Street cut off by the freeways.

The freeway continues in East St. Louis.

As we cross the Mississippi River to St. Louis, we see the Eads Bridge, the Martin Luther King Bridge behind that, and the towers for I-70's new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge deep in the background.

A view of St. Louis from the Poplar Street Bridge.

West on I-64/US 40 in St. Louis. This is the top portion of a double decker stretch. The Cardinals stadium is on the right. This freeway has been I-64 since 1987, though it was built much earlier. It is often still labeled as the Daniel Boone Expressway, though the part within the city became the Jack Buck Memorial Highway in 2009 in honor of a Cardinals sportscaster.

The ramps running north from I-64 to Clark Street.

I-64 construction. Is that a new exit ramp, or is it an old one being torn down? The Shadoe knows!

Science! I-64 goes under part of the St. Louis Science Center.

"You Skinker!" This is I-64 at the exit to Skinker Boulevard.

McCausland Avenue under I-64. The name McCausland should not be confused with the expression, "It caused Luis."

Not sure what street this is. Dale Avenue maybe?

I'm not sure what road this is.

East on Oakland Avenue.

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