June 2005

This set of photos is from my trip to St. Louis where some guy kept throwing stuff onto other spectators at the baseball game. This is the Gateway Arch on that hot, smoggy day. The rest of the pics in this batch were taken from inside the top of the Arch.

This is facing west towards the Old Courthouse.

Here you see the 1966-2005 incarnation of Busch Stadium. The replacement stadium is under construction just to the left.

These are a couple of bridges over the Mississippi River to East St. Louis, IL - namely the Poplar Street Bridge and the MacArthur Bridge.

The Eads Bridge and the Martin Luther King Bridge.

I-70 northwest.

I-70 going into the big downtown Interstate junction.

Now we're looking down at the Old Courthouse and I-70. A semi is blocking Market Street as it passes over the freeway trench. Under that you see the Arch casting a shadow in the grass.

A zoom of the Poplar Street Bridge - which actually carries I-55/64/70.

Here's where the fun all went down: Busch Stadium. This is where stuff got thrown onto an unfortunate baseball fan by an unruly spectator above, and where another fan blew a bubble with bubble gum during the national anthem. (How patriotic!)

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