May 17-21 2013

This is 270th Avenue & K Road near Belpre, Kan. Now the sky is looking very ominous.

Unsettled skies in Edwards County.

Entering Kiowa County on an unpaved road. Not sure, but I think it's 43rd Avenue.

Continuing on the unpaved.

Probably in Greensburg, where gobs of storm chasers had gathered. The car ahead even has some sort of device on top for storm chasing. Ninety-five percent of Greensburg was leveled in a 2007 twister, and the town lost half its population. As Greensburg rebuilt, the city decided to become America's first all-green (environmentally friendly) town.

The clouds are showing a defined line again. If I had to guess what rail line this was, I'd say it's along US 54/400 near Greensburg. If you thought Roads Scholars were constipated by US 412, it's nothing compared to US 400 - which does not fit into the U.S. route numbering system in any way, shape, or form.

This could be US 183. The sky is darkening!

The trees appear swept by past storms. That looks like another storm-chasing vehicle in front of us. They've built a death trap by attaching gasoline tanks to the roof.

Another example of the well-defined clouds.

Not sure what dirt road this is.

More fields and scary clouds.


US 183 near Kinsley.

Near Kinsley. The dark cloud layer seems to be sprouting a slanted funnel, but I don't think it was part of the spectacle we saw later.

Still near Kinsley.

This is where it gets a little more interesting. The clouds are starting to grow what looks more clearly like a funnel.

US 183 in Kinsley.

This too.

You'd be amazed at the way we charged about the area chasing this storm. We're near Garfield now.

Another unpaved.

Moo! Mooooo! These cattle prepare for the looming storm.

It's getting closer!

Pawnee Street at School Street in Garfield.

I'm guessing this is School Street heading west out of Garfield.

Not sure at all what this is. Maybe H Road?

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