May 17-21 2013

We settled on watching the tornadoes unfold near Sanford in Pawnee County, Kan. The cloud is already forming a funnel.

Looking east from US 183, I think this is the dirt road halfway between L Road and M Road.

This storm cell produced at least 4 separate tornadoes near Sanford. In this video, we're watching the first round from US 183 south of town.

This clip includes the second tornado of the Sanford outbreak - as seen from US 183 & L Road. And I was standing outside for much of it!

The third tornado is less spectacular than the first two, but the funnel is faintly visible in the middle of the clip.

Everyone was out watching the fourth known tornado in the Sanford outbreak! Even the sheriff's department! This tornado was only about 500 feet from us.

The tornado now seems like just a distant memory, doesn't it? Now the sky is as calm as a cucumber.

There's still some clouds near Kinsley.

US 56/183 near Kinsley.

The type of clouds seen here are called mammatus clouds. I'm not going to tell you why.

Mammatus clouds hover over the 20-mile-long wind farm along US 50/56 northeast of Dodge City.

This is Dodge City, looking east on Wyatt Earp Boulevard at 14th. Wasn't there a Sesame Street segment where Ernie called him "Wyatt Burp"?

I think this is continuing on Wyatt Earp Boulevard.

You can see why this might be an active day weatherwise. I'm guessing this is US 54 near Minneola.

I'm guessing this would be Road 26 near Fowler.

Road 26 at US 160 (N Road).

Back east on US 160.

US 160 again. Is this also US 283?

We enter Oklahoma as KS 1 becomes OK 34.

Now we're on US 64.

US 64 crosses Red Horse Creek.

US 64 traverses another creek here. Notice they're building a new bridge.

This is the bridge being bypassed by the new roadway. Desperately endangered!

US 64 enters Alva - the town full of mildly rusted traffic signs. US 64 here is Oklahoma Boulevard. Is that a water tower or a hamburger?

Oklahoma Boulevard is US 64/281 here. The speed limit sign exemplifies the rust that afflicts Alva road signs.

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