Aug.-Sep. 2003

Here's 5 pics from 2 separate outings (one of which was on the morning of an outdoor project I had to do for work).

The Newport approach of the Shortway Bridge on the morning of its demolition. The bridge spanned the Licking River from 12th Street in Covington to 11th Street in Newport. The old bridge is the one whose framework is visible on the left. The replacement Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge peaks just to its right.

This is from our Labor Day car trip. This is the old KY 1334 - Hossman Road, formerly Youell Road - at KY 20. Closed permanently. Forever. The reason for this is expansion at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Zeroing in on the ominous road closure, scarce sunlight glistens off the red PERMANENTLY plate. In the background a yellow left arrow sign points travelers towards the forbidden zone.

Anderson Ferry, which links traffic across the Ohio River between Kentucky and Ohio.

Another pic of Anderson Ferry.

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