Oct. 4-11 2014

Here we're in Cordell, Okla., looking down the street to the Washita County Courthouse (ohhh!).

This has to be US 183 near Rocky, Okla. I don't know what mountain range that is. But it's beautiful, I tell ya!

US 183 uses Main Street here in Frederick, Okla.!

As US 70/183 crosses the Red River into Texas, you'll notice there's an older, abandoned bridge just to the right.

Finally, Texas's official welcome mat.

Shortcut, shortcut, roly-poly shortcut, shortcut, shortcut, eat it up, yum! This is on a ramp from US 70/183/287 east of Vernon, Texas, up to FM 433. The road ahead that's now just a ramp used to be US 70/183/287.

Road construction near Seymour, Texas.

US 183/283 heading out of Seymour. Yes, the path at right was the old route.

The unpaved CR 282 in Stephens County, Texas.

FM 209 ends at US 283. The road ahead is more unpavey goodness.

US 283 crosses the Clear Fork Brazos River. An older bridge for this route is on the left.

TX 6 in Lueders, Texas. This is the same TX 6 that runs almost to Galveston. This was an interesting little town.

TX 6 rounds this corner in Stamford, Texas.

The 1936 Texaco logo lives, as TX 6 runs north on Swenson Street in Stamford.

TX 283 approaches US 380 near Old Glory, Texas. This road used to go straight ahead here to reach US 380, which continues to Aspermont. (Remember Aspermint?)

Wind farm on TX 70 as we enter Kent County. People always create their own one-person wind farms on these trips, it seems.

Probably TX 70 near Rotan. Not rattan as in a rattan cane (much to David Perdue's chagrin), but Rotan.

TX 70 goes under this rail overpass as we enter Sweetwater.

TX 70 enters Coke County. Do they have a Pepsi County too?

US 87 approaching Big Spring, Texas, maybe?

Biz I-20 uses surface streets through downtown Big Spring. The tallest building in town is the 15-story Settles Hotel, which is straight ahead. It opened in 1930 but was abandoned from the early 1980s until 2012. As another sign of Big Spring's lack of a functioning economy for a city of its size, the only restaurant we could find that was open was a Denny's where someone had peed all over the bathroom floor.

I-20's south frontage road in Big Spring.

More I-20 frontage, though I'm not sure which side.

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