Oct. 4-11 2014

We briefly bip into New Mexico on US 62/180. Just for the taste of it!

We turn around and go back into Texas on US 62/180. The Guadalupe Mountains are visible.

Continuing into the Guadalupe Mountains.

I think this is still US 62/180.

This exhibit at Guadalupe Mountains National Park fits in with this website's transportation theme. What you see here is the (keek!) ruins of a stagecoach station. Every time I think of stagecoaches, I think of the old Hubba Bubba commercials, don't you? Somehow, this station was along a stagecoach route from St. Louis to San Francisco, and the journey took 25 days. Also, the trail for modern visitors to access these ruins is very strenuous. Don't be fooled by the guide that labels it as "easy."

The Tim Tent conquers the campsite at the national park. This campsite is where we devoured our spoiled burgers.

A formation visible from the campsite. The leftmost part of this formation looks like a dog with their snout pointed in the air.

A late evening view from the campsite, with the moon looming. You can probably see 50 miles. On the horizon, you can faintly see a gas well flaring off and wasting natural gas. I'm not exactly sure what direction this is, but I'm guessing northeast, since most of the radio we received was from Hobbs, N.M.

We zoom in on the wasteful gas well.

This beautiful lizard peopled the campsite. Which is different from if people lizarded the campsite.

We got moving again after a couple days at the park. I'm guessing this is US 62/180, for we continued on that all the way to El Paso. The sign reveals an elevation here of 5,695 feet.

More Guadalupe Mountains scenery.


Descending into the arid area to the west.

Salt flats on US 62/180.

I'm guessing what the billboard refers to is the inexpensive auto insurance that Mexico requires if you drive there. That's why I've only been to Mexico on foot - even though Mexican insurance is a bargain compared to the rip-off insurance that the U.S. requires. (My visit to Mexico was during my 1996 trip.)

US 62/180 grows a median as we near El Paso.

US 62/180 uses Montana Avenue in El Paso. The mountains in the background would have to be in the Mexican state of Chihuahua near Ciudad Juárez.

A good view of El Paso, with Mexican mountains in the background.

I-10 in El Paso.

I-10 continues in El Paso!

More I-10 in El Paso!!!

Downtown El Paso is at left.

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