Oct. 4-11 2014

Back east on US 60 approaching Magdalena, N.M.

US 60 bips onto California Avenue in Socorro, N.M. I think I tried to get a photo of a car with right-wing bumper stickers, but that endeavor failed.

US 60 merges with I-25 north. The ramp to I-25 south though appears somewhat tight, judging by the yellow sign.

Looking east from I-25. There was another political sign, but I couldn't catch what it said.

North on I-25, you can see Albuquerque off in the distance on the right.

A few miles later, Albuquerque gravitates over to the left.

Still I-25 with Albuquerque still on the left.

Albuquerque's tallest building is Albuquerque Plaza, completed in 1990. It's the pointy one.

I assume we're still in Albuquerque, and this is probably just after getting onto I-40.

I-40 at Tijeras, N.M. The name is Spanish for scissors. That's what makes it so cool.

A video featuring a police chase on I-40. I bet Sesame Street didn't have anything like that when they had their New Mexico trip! Or maybe they did, but you just don't see it in the reruns.

Biz I-40 - the old US 66 - in Moriarty, N.M.

This hotel offers "peed Internet." I've always wanted "peed Internet."

Going back the other way on the former US 66.

I-40 near Clines Corners, N.M. - which I trust has nothing to do with the infamous Cline Middle School. Something here about clean restrooms.

Southeast on US 285.

Continuing on US 285. (Is this also US 60? If poo.)

US 70/285 in Roswell, N.M. - birthplace of John Denver and Demi Moore. Roswell was also the approximate site of what was once thought to be a UFO crash, though it was actually a military surveillance balloon.

US 70/285 uses Main Street in this city of 50,000.

This might be US 380 in Roswell - complete with a prehistoric stop sign.

Back to Texas on US 380!

The first county in Texas on US 380 is Yoakum County.

Probably TX 214. This is another one of those gas wells that flares off natural gas, thereby wosting it.

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