June 2007

I took the bikey Roads Scholaring again! This set of photos includes the southwestern section of Cincinnati, along US 50 and the Ohio River to Addyston and North Bend and almost to the Indiana state line! It took almost a whole day to get these pictures, as I braved inclement weather and a hemorrhoid - so, by golly, you're gonna read 'em and peep!

Early in our journey (not Journey, but journey), we bipped westward on Mehring Way. There's a warehouse-type building ahead that may be endangered, especially if they pick the wrong route for the Brent Spence Bridge replacement.

Here I took shelter from the rain under the rail viaduct that looms over Mehring Way. This was before I got to the secret bridge, which I used twice on this outing. (A span that was once such a big secret now gets used by me as a matter of course.)

"Drought" continues. (Seriously. The Cincinnati Post called it a "drought.") This is as we start to move southwest on River Road. US 50 uses River Road, but later it becomes Three Rivers Parkway when we leave Cincinnati city limits. US 50 parallels the Ohio River from Mill Creek to North Bend.

On US 50, looking east towards downtown.

Looking east on US 50. That billboard inquires, "Miss the '70s?" Yes, I miss the '70s, because back in the '70s that beautiful brown house behind the billboard wasn't about to be torn down. (By the way, gas didn't get very expensive until 1981, so that's more revisionism by the "up is down" crowd.)

This is on US 50, looking south at the approach to Anderson Ferry. You can see the Ohio River and Kentucky in the background.

Now we're out pretty far on US 50, and I'm not even sure where, but it's probably near Sayler Park, a Cincinnati neighborhood at the city's far west end. Between Anderson Ferry and Sayler Park, it seems like US 50 just goes on and on and on if you use a bike.

Here we've exited US 50 and are going west on Main Street in the neighboring town of Addyston.

Looking northwest on US 50 from the Brower Road overpass in North Bend. US 50 looks almost like an Interstate, doesn't it? I guess really though it's not a freeway, for I easily biked that part of US 50 on the way home.

Continuing on Brower Road through North Bend, this is the William Henry Harrison Memorial, just in case you're in a patriotic mood like I am.

Southwest on Brower Road in an unincorporated area.

Further still on Brower Road, as it picks up the Ohio River.

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