Apr. 24 2009

This Peace Bike outing didn't see any great new finds. The route was really just a retread of roads I had well worn. Even so, it yielded some usable photos.

North on Freeman Avenue where it goes over the US 50 freeway. This is within the interchange that locals call the Testicles. At lower right, somebody's wadded-up underpants rest on the sidewalk. I could tell they were Fruit of the Looms.

It's our old friend...the 8th Street Viaduct! How's it hangin', ducty? Long time no see! This state of disrepair was only temporary. This was between periods when the viaduct was closed completely.

The endangered Waldvogel Viaduct is another viaduct that keeps on giving. This is south on State Avenue, with the viaduct soaring through the sky. (There was another power outage at my digs right around the time this photo was taken, despite the perfect weather.)

West on Hillside Avenue approaching Anderson Ferry Road. Someone had dumped many bundles of phone books here.

Around Tyler Street, US 50 sprouts this little crescent of roadway to form a side street. This is looking west.

Looking up Tyler Street from the US 50 sidearm.

East on the US 50 crescent towards Tyler.

Continuing east on the aforementioned side road.

Southside Avenue runs through an industrial zone between US 50 and the Ohio River. Like Hillside Avenue, I consider it a good biking alternative to US 50. This is east on Southside.

Southside has this railroad crossing - although up ahead, it turns left and goes over the main rail line. And then it ends at US 50.

What's not to love about US 50? US 50 is the scenic route to St. Louis or Washington, DC, so how can anyone resist it? This is east on US 50 between Southside Avenue and the Waldvogel Viaduct.

Continuing east on US 50 - this time in the roadway!

In this video, the Peace Bike wins a race against street cleaning vehicles on Mehring Way (the former Front Street). The spot just before we cross under the Brent Spence Bridge is endangered, because it's likely to be the site of the new I-75 span. The truck that passes us at 2 minutes into the clip releases a fart-like sound.

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