CINCINNATI - southwest
May 26 2010

If I need a minor Roads Scholaring that's not very strenuous, this is one part of town I can always count on.

From the "roads for trains" department: This is east on the abandoned rail line along Mehring Way - near the end of the walkable portion. Mehring Way is elevated on the left. The bridge in the background is the Taylor-Southgate Bridge.

"An Evening with Rudy Giuliani." Only an evening? This is west on Mehring Way at Gest Street.

The secret bridge on 6th Street over Mill Creek is the bridge that keeps on giving! This is going west, near where Mehring Way becomes the old surface street version of 6th - just before the secret span. What's remarkable here is the thoroughly rusted NO PARKING ANY TIME sign - which must date back decades to when this road received more regular use.

Northeast on tiny Illinois Avenue, off US 50.

A video going back downhill on Illinois Avenue. Yes, this road was in that bad of a condition.

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